Lagos Weather & Wind Conditions

Our kayak guides are constantly monitoring the weather. Lagos weather conditions around the Ponte da Piedade rock formations are generally very stable. However, we must occasionally cancel our kayak trips due to a changing wind direction.

Ponta da Piedade Sea Conditions

We are occasionally forced to cancel your trip in order to provide you with a safe and enjoyable ocean kayak cave trip in Lagos. You can be confident that we understand how to read the weather in Lagos. With many years of kayaking and boating around the caves and grottoes of Ponte da Piedade, we have extensive knowledge of the effects of wind, wave, and tidal conditions in Lagos. We can estimate and predict kayak conditions in detail using detailed information from professional websites and local professionals on the water.

Wind, wave and tidal conditions near Lagos

View two different ocean conditions caused by the weather in Lagos:

  1. N/NW wind: perfect kayaking weather with a turquoise ocean and bright blue sky and where the kayak area is very well protected behind the coastline and its cliffs – this happens 90% of the days!
  2. S/SE wind: waves coming in and hitting against the rocks and into the caves; obviously a reason to cancel all trips for that day! You will receive a full refund, or you will be offered a place for the next day; this happens only once a month and lasts typically only for a few days.

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Windy afternoons & family kayak tours

We recommend that families with (young) children join us on the Kayak Cave Trip in the mornings because the wind picks up in the afternoons (after 15h00/16h00) most days. Fortunately, this wind is usually a straight North wind, or even better, a North-West wind.

The map below depicts the kayak tour route as well as the prevailing wind direction in the afternoons. 80% of the tour is hidden and on the lee side of the rock formations, as can be seen. Any strong winds will have little effect here.

lagos weather

We always have a motorboat on hand and will follow every group to assist you with a tow for the few windy sections.

Lagos weather forecast

Visit the Portuguese website IPMA (in English) to check the current weather in the Algarve – Portugal. Or see the next page for a live weather and wind report.

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