Ponta da Piedade

Golden Coastline
from Portugal.

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Ponta da Piedade (meaning “point of mercy”) is a small headland formed by yellow-golden cliffs and rocks.
Located along the coastline of Lagos, it is an iconic spot in the Portuguese most southern region, the Algarve.
The cliffs of 20-30 meters high, harbour several grottos and secluded beaches which can be visited by kayak.
On the small cape, you´ll find a lighthouse, dating back to 1913.

Compare the 2 kayak tours

Kayak from the beach

blue double kayaks on the beach

Adventure starts from the beach Praia de Batata. Our support boat follows.

☑ Visit the caves by kayak
☑ Visit to small beach
Snorkeling from beach
Return by boat possible

Boat first, then kayak

boat first then kayak

Guided Kayak Trip along Ponta da Piedade.

Boat transfer from Marina
☑ Visit to caves by kayak
Swimming from boat
☑ Return by boat to Marina

Kayak Lagos

Ocean Kayak Lagos Portugal

Discover the famous coastline of Ponte da Piedade with Kayak Lagos in Portugal.
Choose between the “kayak from the beach experience” with snorkeling included,
or let us transfer you first with our catamaran from the Marina, then step in the kayak at sea.
This guided Ocean Kayak Experience offers you paddling along the beautiful cliffs and caves of Lagos.
Enjoy this wonder of nature by kayak.

Why not combine a kayak tour with our 2 hr Lagos Walking Tour with a local historian.

What is included in a booking with Kayak Lagos ?

3 hour trip along the rock formations of Ponta da Piedade 
Visit the most beautiful grottoes and best caves (bring your photo camera!)
Visit a ´deserted` beach for snorkeling and swimming *
* snorkeling only available on the tour that starts from the beach
Suitable for beginners and families (min 5 years old)
Qualified and experienced kayak guide + support boat following
Life jacket, water proof bag and snorkel equipment provided
Maritime license and full cover insurance included

Check availability & book now:

Kayaking + snorkel from the beach
Kayaking + boat transfer from the Marina in Lagos

logo Kayak Lagos

3 Reasons to choose for Kayak Lagos Portugal

✅ We limit our groups to only 12 paddlers in 6 double kayaks per guide,
and always be accompanied with one motor boat.
We believe that small group experiences are better.

✅ By supporting the local people and economy
we have built excellent relationships.
This helps us to care better for our environment.

✅ We love to have children on board
and inspire them to have an active nature experience.
Nature education starts at a young age.

Combine an afternoon kayak tour with the 2 hr Lagos Walking Tour with a local historian.

One comment from a happy family that says it all

“I was very hesitant when my husband suggested three hours ocean kayaking.
Knew 12 and 10 year old boys would be okay
but worried about 7 (just) girl and myself who not too fit.
But had a ball. The three hours flew.
After first ten minutes totally relaxed and realised was not going to fall into ocean!!!
Guide was fab. Definitely go.
Scenery was breathtaking and also the beaches gorgeous.
Will go again next year. Thanks for a great afternoon.” – cevw 
(see this review on TripAdvisor)

Check availability & book now:

Kayaking + snorkel from the beach

Kayaking + boat transfer from the Marina in Lagos

Step aboard for a 3 hour sea kayaking experience you will remember forever. The golden Algarve coast of Lagos in Portugal offers you a true nature experience paddling through giant grottoes, under ancient arches and into smugglers caves.
Kayak Lagos Portugal offers 2 similar and very affordable trips
You can choose how you want to get out there onto the ocean;
by kayak from the beach, or by boat first from the Marina. Enjoy your holiday !

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