Start with your Kayak from the Beach

blue double kayaks on the beach
☑ Enter the caves by kayak
☑ Visit a small beach
☑ Snorkeling from the beach
Return by boat possible

We also run a more comfortable kayak tour, paddling mainly downwind and where you´ll get transferred by boat from the Marina.

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Begin and end at Cais do Solaria beach, next to the Lagos Fortress (which dates back to 1690!). This beach is also known as Praia da Batata. Fishermen gave this name because a ship loaded with potatoes (in Portuguese “batatas”) sank around 100 years ago, and the beach (“praia”) was covered with potatoes.

This meeting point is only a 10-minute walk from the city centre.

Kayak from the beach called Batata

At only ten minutes of paddling by kayak from the beach, you will find the first caves and grottoes. After a brief safety briefing on the sandy beach, you can launch your kayak into the sea and begin your adventure.

A motor boat is always there to support you, as well as provide space for some passengers if you prefer not to kayak. We will take photos from the support boat, which will be freely available to download after the tour.

Kayak Tour

Depending on the tide level, explore all the accessible grottoes, arches, tunnels, and caves from Ponta da Piedade.


On this kayak cave tour, we will stop for 20-30 minutes on a small beach. It is a small beach secluded by the rocks, and we call it Praia Grande 🙂 We’ll get out our snorkelling gear here. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the underwater world and see fish and rock formations.

Tow back

The kayak trips in the late afternoon sometimes encounter strong winds on the way back to the beach. The support boat is available to bring anyone back but feel free to test the winds.

We like the adventurous nature of this tour because you will directly kayak from the beach and into the sea to have a true nature experience from the first minute.

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