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The most complete and comprehensive FAQ about sea kayaking tours in Lagos and along Ponta da Piedade.

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  • Which tour should I choose?
  • Your safety and experience & the weather
  • Money Matters & Cancelations
  • Locations, Storage & Parking
Why Sea Kayaking in Lagos in Portugal

Lagos, Portugal is a beautiful coastal town known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. One of the best ways to explore this picturesque region is by sea kayaking. Read more about why sea kayaking in Lagos, Portugal is a must-do activity for the whole family.

Which type of kayak trips is available from Lagos?

1. Beach Start: You can start kayaking directly from the beach. Book now.
2. Marina Start: You can join our boat that will transfer you first from Lagos Marina onto the sea. Book now.
Both trips follow the same coastline and visit the same caves. Want to read more? See our Full Tour Report to make the best choice.

Do you do the Kayak Cave Trip from Lagos in the winter?

Yes, between end October and 1st April we offer Winter Kayaking Trips. We do usually one trip a day at around noon, which is the warmest part of the day. See availability. Personally, I believe the quiet winter months are actually the best time of year for kayaking as you probably have all the ancient caves and tunnels from Ponta da Piedade for yourself.

How much kayak experience do we need?

You don´t need kayak experience at all for our kayak tours. You´ll get a safety briefing and basic instructions before the trip. During the trip the guide will offer you more tips and tricks for easy paddling and manoeuvring. This trip is technically rated at level B in the following chart:
A – mostly calm & flat waters with little current (< 1 knot) and some light breeze, easy & frequent landings;
B – exposed waters with moderate currents (1 – 2 knots) and sea breeze, landing not always possible everywhere;
C – open water with unexpected currents and strong winds, technical landings & not always possible nearby;
D – white water conditions with rapids and cold water, wetsuit and self-rescue knowledge needed.
You do need to be able to swim, and and keep yourself unaided afloat in the water for at least 15 minutes.
The use of our life jackets is required by law at all times.

How long does the Kayak Cave Trip last for?

2½ hours in total. You can be confident that, we offer you top value for your money by maximising time on the water. The first 10-15 minutes of each Kayak Cave Trip we’ll use for a short safety briefing on the beach, basic paddle instructions and to explain to organise ourselves once we’re on the water. On the trip that starts from the beach, we plan a 20-30 minute stop on a small deserted beach, which is only accessible by kayak. Here you can use (for free) our snorkel equipment, swim, relax or have a chat with our guides about the area.
During the Kayak Tour, the guide will stop every 10-15 minutes to see if everyone is OK, to explain some interesting facts about the local flora/fauna or to drink some water. This moment can be used to get your photo camera out of your waterproof bag! Book now your Kayak Cave Trip.

What is the distance covered on the Kayak Cave Trip?

Around 6km (4 miles) The total distance covered on the Kayak Cave Trip isn’t too much in fact. Our aim is to reach the lighthouse at the point which is on the top of Ponta da Piedada. In a direct line there and back the distance is 4½ km ( 2½ miles). By zig-zagging along the coastline, and visiting the caves and tunnels, we’ll add one-two km. Around the point, we’ll visit a few more caves and tunnels which adds another kilometre. Have you checked our full tour report ?

What is the maximum number of kayaks in one group?

The maximum number of kayaks is 6 double kayaks, so a maximum of 12 people per group per guide. A group is led by one experienced kayak guide and followed by a motorboat for assistance if needed. As soon as we have 8-10 people booked for a tour we’ll plan a second guide on stand-by for that day. So, often we see that the actual group sizes are smaller and that each kayak guide leads 4 or 5 double kayaks, so 8 – 10 people at the time.
The sub-groups will each follow a slightly different route on the water, to avoid queuing for the smallest caves and tunnels. In the end, both groups will have visited the same caves, and make a stop on the beach together. We aim to split groups into sub-groups with the same level and experience. Families with children, join together in the same sub-group, where younger and active people that want to go a bit faster go together as well.

Is there a motorboat following the kayaks for support?

Yes, there is. Our dedicated boat follows each kayak tour.
In case you feel that for whatever reason you wish to join the boat for a while or even for the rest of the tour, just raise your hand or tell the guide.

What is the required fitness level for the Kayak Cave Trip?

We believe to enjoy our kayak tours comfortably, we advice fitness level 2 in the following chart:
0 – I´m completely out of shape!
1 – I have a basic level of fitness because I have an active daily life;

2 – I play sports 1 x week (e.g. 1 – 2 hr. walk, swim, cycling, ball sports);
3 – I have a good level of fitness, I do sports activities twice a week;
4 – I am a fit person and do endurance activities at least three times a week;
5 – I am addicted to fitness sports,
exercise almost daily and feel very fit!
You do need to be able to swim and keep yourself unaided afloat in the water for at least 15 minutes.
The use of our life jackets is required by law.

Do you need good weather for the Kayak Cave Trip?

The weather in the Algarve and near Lagos, in particular, is generally pretty stable. In general, we experience good weather for the Kayak Cave Trip.
With a prevailing North West wind, we are very protected due to the position of the rock formations of Ponte da Piedade.
However, we do sometimes have to cancel kayak tours when the wind and waves come for a long time from the south. We then offer an immediate full refund or, if you wish, you can re-book on another day. Please read more here about Lagos weather.

Do you offer any discounts for families with children?

Yes, we do. Children a discount to make it more affordable for families. We remain the right to change this without prior notice. You might see that for last-minute bookings on busy days in the summer season, there is no discount available. Email us or call/whatsapp our office at +351 912 120 123.

Can I book online and pay in cash on the beach?

Unfortunately, that is not possible currently. The advantage of booking and paying online is that you will receive automatically an email with necessary info on what to bring and where to go and park your car. When you book online, you can pay with your debit or credit card. There is no extra charge for that. You can book now.

Will I receive a refund when the weather is bad?

Yes, immediately. In case of severe bad weather, we´ll suggest postponing the trip. In the case that you want to cancel, we will refund your full payment to you within 24 hours and without any cost to you. Please also send us your mobile number. In case of the weather changes, we can text/SMS you the day before or early morning. See here our Booking Terms & Conditions.

What do we need to bring to the Kayak Cave Trip?

You need to bring enough water to drink, sun cream factor 30+ and a hat or cap. Out on the ocean, there is nothing to buy, so feel free to bring a snack as well.
On the kayak trip that starts from the beach, we´ll have for you a waterproof bag of 40 LTR per double kayak. The bag needs to be rolled up at the top to close. The bag cannot but be submerged for a long time, but for splashes, spray and short contact with water they have proven to be waterproof.
You can bring your own snorkel equipment, or use our snorkel sets (no flippers) for free use as well.

Do you offer luggage storage during the Kayak Cave Trip?

Yes, we offer FREE luggage storage during the Kayak Cave Trip.
Beach Start: You can leave your belongings in the secure lockers in the trailer on the beach. For each double kayak, we have a 40 LTR waterproof bag available. So, please do bring your photo camera!
Marina Start: Whilst kayaking you can leave your bag with belongings on the boat that transferred you from the Marina to the kayak area. Only the skipper will be on board and no other passenger will be carried.

Where can I park the car whilst kayaking?

Beach Start: You can park in the paid underground parking (cheap, cool & safe) on the main Avenida, 10 minutes walking from the kayak beach. There is NO parking nearer to the kayaks.
Marina Start: You can park for free in front of the new train station, next to the Marina at 2 minutes walking distance.

Where is the start & finish of the Kayak Cave Trip in Lagos?

Should you have more questions after reading this FAQ about sea kayaking in Lagos, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Beach Start: Start kayaking from the beach called Cais do Solaria, see more here: https://kayak-lagos.pt/beach-location-kayak-lagos/
Marina Start: Start with a boat transfer, meet at Gate ABCD in the Lagos Marina, see here: https://kayak-lagos.pt/location-marina-de-lagos/

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