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Before booking an activity with OUTDOOR-TOURS.COM, Lda, please make sure that you understand and agree to all our terms and conditions. When you click here on “Place order”, it is understood that you have read, acknowledged and agreed to all our terms and conditions.


Your order has not been accepted or confirmed until you receive an e-mail from us stating that your order has been accepted. We reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason we see fit.


Our clients’ privacy and security is important to us. We will not distribute, sell or share your data to any third parties. Other than for booking fulfillment, your e-mail address details will only be used to send our newsletters or other promotional information from us. Unless you specify otherwise.

Should you wish to have your contact details removed from our database, please send an e-mail to info<at>outdoor-tours.com. Alternatively please send a “registered & signed for” letter to Rua Francisco Bivar 142A, P-8500-132 Mexilhoeira Grande, informing us of your intention.

Payment can be done via Stripe or PayPal secure internet paying system. Therefore, your card details will never be disclosed to us. Any financial irregularities or complaints can be resolved directly by your card provider.


Payments should be done at the time of booking, unless we have informed you by written confirmation, that we accept payment in a different way. In case you wish to receive a invoice receipt for your payment, please inform us by email with your full name, your registered address and fiscal number within 24 hours after the moment of booking.


Should you have to cancel the reservation, for whatever reason, notification in writing is to be given to OUTDOOR-TOURS.COM. Please send an e-mail to info<at>outdoor-tours.com. Alternatively please send a “registered & signed for” letter to Rua Francisco Bivar 142A, P-8500-132 Mexilhoeira Grande.

The following charges will apply:

  1. more than 24 days before the start: no fees/ it is free to cancel
  2. less than 24 days before the start: 100 % fee of the agreed price at the time of booking
  3. Refunds will not be issued if you, or a 1 or more members in your group, miss the trip due to late or non-arrival, please check in latest 15 minutes before departure time. We are specialised in small group activities, therefore we have limited spaces, and we are mostly fully booked.


Although we will take every care to keep our web site free from any virus or any other harmful content, which may cause damage to your computer, we cannot be held responsible if any such damage occurs. We advise that you take the same reasonable precautions before downloading information from our site that you would from any other trustworthy site.


Our company operates and is registered in Portugal. Therefore, the client agrees and understands that only Portuguese law will apply in the event of any disagreements or legal disputes.


In both the core activities of Outdoor-Tours.com Lda, as the activities from third party suppliers you will be as a participant exposed to different terrain, weather, language, culture and climate conditions. Given these specific conditions, all activities are not without risk for everyone. Especially for people with specific afflictions such as asthma, heart and/or nervous disorders.

When a participant books an activity or service, he/she declares that he/she is aware of the risks this activity involves. And you will follow at all times the safety instructions from the guides and group leaders.

Before travelling to an activity every participant is required to organize and pay for travel insurance from their own country of residence. This must include a personal accident insurance and medical assistance insurance. Outdoor-Tours.com Lda will occasionally ask for proof of this insurance. Lack of travel insurance might be a reason to refuse you to take part in the booked activity. In the event this happens, the same cancellation conditions as stated earlier will apply.

All participants are always insured by Outdoor-Tours.com Lda for ‘third party liability’, which is standard included on every activity, and is accordingly our outdoor activity license and the Portuguese law.


When you continue placing your booking, it is understood that you and your group:

  • will follow at all times the safety instructions from the guides and group leaders
  • all have basic swimming skills
  • all will wear our life vest(s) at all times whilst in the kayak

In the event that you wish to contact us about our terms & conditions, please write an email to us here.

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