Sit On Top Kayaks

A bit of history about sit on top kayaks

Before we started to use the safe and stable sit on top sea kayaks, we got around in large open Canadian or Indian Canoes. The advantage was that you can carry a lot of gear and luggage. But due to weight balance these canoes are not really suitable for ocean conditions, especially with fewer possibilities for easy and quick landing on beaches.

this sea kayak is faster than most Sit On Top Sea Kayaks

The advanced Sea Kayak with a closed spray-deck and sometimes a rudder, have great gliding capacities, but require advanced paddling techniques and good self-rescue skills.

The white water kayaks and play & free-style boats are great fun on rivers. At the same time they aren´t really suitable for longer distance or for beginners to go easily in a straight line on open water. Tipping over and rolling back upright require more advanced kayak skills.

Sea Kayaking became popular with the arrival of the so called Sit On Top (SOT) kayaks.

Sit On Top Sea Kayaks

Sit On Top Sea KayaksThese kayaks are extremely stable and safe to use for beginners in ocean conditions. Why not buy one at for your children so they can get used to kayaking.

We love these kayaks for the following reasons:


SOT kayaks have 4 or more drainage holes in the kayak, so any water that comes in the kayak, drains automatically away, and therefore makes the kayak unsinkable.

Capsizing with Sit On Top sea kayaks

The name Sit On Top explains it; paddlers are sitting more on top of the kayak instead of inside. In case the kayak capsizes, paddlers fall of the kayak and will never get stuck with their legs inside. There is no need any more to cover yourself with a spray-deck or to learn a 360º Eskimo role.

Beach landing and swimming

Due to the nature of sitting on top of the kayak, you can easily jump out of the kayak for a refreshing swim in the sea. After your swim it is relatively easy to climb back on the kayak, although this requires sometimes an extra person. Due to the drainage holes the kayak drains itself and there is no need to go back to the shore.

Visiting and landing on a beach is much easier and safer with a SOT kayak. Especially leaving the beach with some waves has become much safer and more comfortable now.


The SOT that Kayak Lagos uses have a pre-shaped seat and come with an adjustable back rest with padded foam added to the seating and lower back.

Handling and manoeuvrability

Kayak Lagos uses kayaks that provide a perfect combination between stability, gliding capacities, manoeuvrability and space for 2 people. In case the group has an odd number we provide a single SOT to the paddler with the most experience.

Kayak Cave Trips in Lagos Portugal

Would you like to experience a 3 hour trip in these Sit On Top sea kayaks? Kayak Lagos uses the most modern kayaks and maintains all equipment to a high level.

Read more about our kayak cave trips from Lagos in Portugal. Or book now.

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